Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Convention 2012: Stampin' Up! Campus Tour Recap Part 3

I spent a lot more time at the Stampin' Up! campus than I thought I would. It was so intriguing and inspiring. I have to say that my favorite part of the visit was watching the warehouse, where they pick and ship all of our wonderful orders. It was almost mesmerizing watching the boxes travel throughout the warehouse and trying to figure out the inner workings of this amazingly complex operation. (I also had some flash backs from my operations class in grad school. I tried to forget that class). 

This is where it all starts. I wanted to go down there and give them all a hug.
The other side of the warehouse. I loved watching the boxes. Had Miquelita not pushed me along, I may still be there watching.
Here was the first desk we saw going into Demonstrator Support. There were cards displayed all over the place! We even had the privilege to see some of the wonderful supporters in action.
They certainly know how to decorate in Demonstrator Support. I'm getting ideas for my office.

As we were leaving the Demonstrator Support area, one of the ladies who works there was standing by this adorable basket handing out little present to all the demonstrators.
The present was a little fan, and she told us "Because we are your biggest fan!"
And it even says it on the tag attached to the fan. What a great company!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Convention 2012: Stampin' Up! Campus Tour Recap Part 2

Next stop on our self-guided tour of the Stampin' Up! campus was their amazing Ideas Room. No wonder SU! comes up with amazing products and ideas, their Ideas Room is amazing!

What a great place to have a brainstorming session.

Lots of "My Way" ideas.

Fooseball table?!?!? I would SOOOOO love to work here (and probably kick butt at fooseball. I am the queen of fooseball).

My favorite part was what I'm going to call the White Board Room, which is what it sounds like. An entire room with white boards from floor to ceiling. We left our thanks and signature.
Thanks SU! from the Ladybug Stampers of Albuqueqrue
Fellow Ladybug Stampers, Angela, Vicky, and Miquelita.

Our ladybug among the hundreds of notes on the whiteboard. This was just one wall.
View of the White Board room from the outside.

They had these awesome bean bag chairs of wonder. I wish I had one of these in my office at work (however, I do have one of these things at home).

Friday, July 27, 2012

Convention 2012: Stampin' Up! Campus Tour Recap

Sigh....Today we started potty training the Booger. I'm exhausted.

So to help with my mood, I decided to continue writing about Stampin' Up #Convention2012, which was a lot happier and funner than potty training! (By the way, if you have any words of wisdom or advice for potty training, please leave a comment. I'm all for advice.)

On check-in day, SU! opened up their campus and allowed all of us demonstrators to view their beautiful home! I was amazed, inspired, and utterly excited at this. This was my third convention and my first time visiting the campus. I can't believe that it took me this long to visit. It's a must-do for all convention goers. 
Enjoy the pictures, but if you get a chance, definitely take the opportunity to visit the campus.

Happy Stampin'

The beautiful view as you walk into the building.

A HUGE banner hanging from the maybe the third floor of their atrium.

First stop for me was the Legacy Museum, where they displayed the story of Stampin' Up! and of course provided some amazing displays.    
First thing you see when you enter into the Legacy Museum: Stampin' Up!'s Statement of the Heart

The first ever Stampin' Up! catalog. If I remember correctly, it had around 64 pages. They have come such a long way since then.

Displays in the Legacy Museum.

People at Stampin' Up! are so creative.

A beautiful display for pictures. My fellow Ladybug, Miquelita, was so inspired by this display that later in the week when we visited IKEA she bought these shelves and is planning on creating something similar in her  home.

This was a child's room display.

How cool is this?!? This display inspired me. When we went to IKEA I bought this contraption and am planning on doing something similar in my craft area.

Table setting.
I wish my craft area looked like this.

Another inspiring idea. Although SU! no longer offers the Definitely Decor stuff, I do have this calendar, and I think I know what I'm going to do with it now.

I wanted to take a nap in this room.

A stamping enthusiast's dream lamp (well maybe). Miquelita mentioned that this would be a good idea to do with regular jars too.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bright Flowers

Taking a break from convention posts to post an old card, but one that I'm proud of. I was devastated when I had to say goodbye to the Fifth Avenue Floral stamp set back in May (but obviously I got over it when I saw the amazing new catalog).
See how my piercing line is not straight on the Pink Pirouette strip? I have an awesome tool for that now from the new catalog. The new paper-piercing tool (126189, $3.95) and Paper-Piercing Pack (126187, $7.95) are must haves for paper piercing. Don't let your piercing lines look like mine. :)

Happy Stampin'

Monday, July 23, 2012

Stampin' Up! Convention 2012: Day 1 Recap

By now, all the amazing things that happened at convention are circulating through the internet. Anything that I post will probably be old news, but I do want to take the next few posts to recap MY convention experience, because it was just that awesome!! Plus, maybe I'll inspire you to join my team of SU! demonstrators (called Ladybug Ink) and you can join me next year at convention 2013! Visit my website or contact me to learn how you can become a demonstrator and attend next year's convention.

One of the best parts of convention is receiving the convention bag and the stamp sets. We received three amazing stamp sets in our bag (You're Amazing, Affection Collections, and Daydream Medallions). Here, my roomies and fellow Ladybug stampers, Vicki and Michelle, show off their goodies. This was Vickie's first convention.

One of my favorite goodies is the convention pin. This was my third convention, and I think this is my favorite convention pin. I loved this year's theme "I am..." I'm glad that I got another amazing convention pin because recently my daughter broke my favorite convention pin from 2009.

I love that the SU! logo is right on the front of the bag. I'm hoping that this will be a good conversation starter because I plan on toting my bag around as my purse for a while.

Here's all of our goodies (minus the stamp sets). The convention workbook was amazing, providing little embellishments for our notes and other things. And of course they provided us with an excellent-looking pen. Thank you Stampin' Up! for designing and giving us some amazing items.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Stampin' Up! Convention 2012: Memento Mall Second Day Surprises

  This morning, CEO and Co-founder of Stampin' Up!, Shelli Gardner announced that they were offering several more items at Memento Mall today! How fun! This caused a massive exodus to the Memento Mall line as soon as Memento Mall opened, but a trip later on in the day, I was able to snap some pictures for you (and make some purchases for myself).

Garden flags! All three of these beauties are in one package and the poles are quite sturdy.
Product display of the Cookie stamps.

I'm excited that there's a Stampin' Up! logo cookie stamp.

You can see all these pictures and more on my Facebook page. I wonder what is in store tomorrow!! Stampin' Up! Convention is amazing.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stampin' Up! Convention 2012: Memento Mall

DUDE!!! What a day it has been. I wanted to share with you a little from Memento Mall. You can see so many more pictures over on my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter (@Stampincita) for frequent updates.

My favorite items from Memento Mall were the bags and the Book-a-Workshop Planner. The t-shirt was also nice and I fell in love with the water bottle. Hey downline, I have presents for you! (Want presents? Join my team!)

As usual, all the product is creatively displayed. SU! can make chapstick look amazing. (Chapstick available in spearmint and vanilla)

I am Winter....chapstick, incentive stamp set, reusable tote bag, Christmas tree ornaments, and mittens.

Set of three adorable Christmas ornaments.

Close-up of incentive stamp set.


Cute mittens, although I don't think they will be too useful where I live.

I guess I could use mittens to decorate my Christmas tree this year.

I love love love this card tree. I think it's beautiful and will be displayed in my living room when I get home.

I am Fall.....card tree, reusable tote bag, and incentive stamp set

This year's Stampin' Up! shirts.

Cafe Latte blouse.. It looks beautiful on the mannequin, but not on me.
I am Sping----reusable tote bag, incentive stamp set (this will be available on the supply list soon to demonstrators), erase board magnets, hammer, tape measure, and kleenex

I am summer.....a booking calendar, floral district pens, Wish List pad, ,reusable tote bag, water bottle, incentive stamp set (will also be available on the supply list to demonstrators after convention).

Close-up of the booking calendar and accessories.

Isn't this water bottle awesome? I will be styling!