Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Convention 2012: Stampin' Up! Campus Tour Recap Part 3

I spent a lot more time at the Stampin' Up! campus than I thought I would. It was so intriguing and inspiring. I have to say that my favorite part of the visit was watching the warehouse, where they pick and ship all of our wonderful orders. It was almost mesmerizing watching the boxes travel throughout the warehouse and trying to figure out the inner workings of this amazingly complex operation. (I also had some flash backs from my operations class in grad school. I tried to forget that class). 

This is where it all starts. I wanted to go down there and give them all a hug.
The other side of the warehouse. I loved watching the boxes. Had Miquelita not pushed me along, I may still be there watching.
Here was the first desk we saw going into Demonstrator Support. There were cards displayed all over the place! We even had the privilege to see some of the wonderful supporters in action.
They certainly know how to decorate in Demonstrator Support. I'm getting ideas for my office.

As we were leaving the Demonstrator Support area, one of the ladies who works there was standing by this adorable basket handing out little present to all the demonstrators.
The present was a little fan, and she told us "Because we are your biggest fan!"
And it even says it on the tag attached to the fan. What a great company!

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