Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oops....I Did it Again

Last year in June, I completely forgot to post on my blog, and apparently I did it again. If I forget next year it'll turn into a tradition.

I love June. June is when I catch the summer bug and just want to do all things summer. By the time July comes rolling in, I'm ready to rest and prepare for for whatever the fall brings. During June, we had our first wave of visitors here in California. My parents came to visit, some of my husband's family, and a friend from Albuquerque. It was so nice to have visitors and we spent many days exploring our gorgeous area in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

As I did last year, here are my many reasons why I didn't even give my blog the time of day during the month of June.

1) The booger finished pre-k.

2) My husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. (wooo-hoo)

3) My parents came to visit and we spent some time exploring Lake Tahoe. 

 4) Braved a weekend to the Bay Area. This was our first time to the area, and we survived!

5) Participated in some silliness. (That's the booger wearing my shoes and doing some weird dance or something like that)

6) Hosted my friend for two weeks and went hiking, geo-caching, exploring, and so much more. After logging 20 miles of hikes in 8 days, I was worn out.

7) Explored Donner Lake 

And so much more. I joke with my husband that since moving to California, I am on perpetual vacation. This is just a portion of what we did in June, and for July, we are hunkering down a little bit and resting (and cleaning our house).

Please, stay tuned as I return to periodic posting. Until then, what have you been doing this summer? I would love to hear about your summer adventures.

Happy Stampin',