Friday, July 27, 2012

Convention 2012: Stampin' Up! Campus Tour Recap

Sigh....Today we started potty training the Booger. I'm exhausted.

So to help with my mood, I decided to continue writing about Stampin' Up #Convention2012, which was a lot happier and funner than potty training! (By the way, if you have any words of wisdom or advice for potty training, please leave a comment. I'm all for advice.)

On check-in day, SU! opened up their campus and allowed all of us demonstrators to view their beautiful home! I was amazed, inspired, and utterly excited at this. This was my third convention and my first time visiting the campus. I can't believe that it took me this long to visit. It's a must-do for all convention goers. 
Enjoy the pictures, but if you get a chance, definitely take the opportunity to visit the campus.

Happy Stampin'

The beautiful view as you walk into the building.

A HUGE banner hanging from the maybe the third floor of their atrium.

First stop for me was the Legacy Museum, where they displayed the story of Stampin' Up! and of course provided some amazing displays.    
First thing you see when you enter into the Legacy Museum: Stampin' Up!'s Statement of the Heart

The first ever Stampin' Up! catalog. If I remember correctly, it had around 64 pages. They have come such a long way since then.

Displays in the Legacy Museum.

People at Stampin' Up! are so creative.

A beautiful display for pictures. My fellow Ladybug, Miquelita, was so inspired by this display that later in the week when we visited IKEA she bought these shelves and is planning on creating something similar in her  home.

This was a child's room display.

How cool is this?!? This display inspired me. When we went to IKEA I bought this contraption and am planning on doing something similar in my craft area.

Table setting.
I wish my craft area looked like this.

Another inspiring idea. Although SU! no longer offers the Definitely Decor stuff, I do have this calendar, and I think I know what I'm going to do with it now.

I wanted to take a nap in this room.

A stamping enthusiast's dream lamp (well maybe). Miquelita mentioned that this would be a good idea to do with regular jars too.

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