Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stampin' Up! Convention 2012: Memento Mall

DUDE!!! What a day it has been. I wanted to share with you a little from Memento Mall. You can see so many more pictures over on my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter (@Stampincita) for frequent updates.

My favorite items from Memento Mall were the bags and the Book-a-Workshop Planner. The t-shirt was also nice and I fell in love with the water bottle. Hey downline, I have presents for you! (Want presents? Join my team!)

As usual, all the product is creatively displayed. SU! can make chapstick look amazing. (Chapstick available in spearmint and vanilla)

I am Winter....chapstick, incentive stamp set, reusable tote bag, Christmas tree ornaments, and mittens.

Set of three adorable Christmas ornaments.

Close-up of incentive stamp set.


Cute mittens, although I don't think they will be too useful where I live.

I guess I could use mittens to decorate my Christmas tree this year.

I love love love this card tree. I think it's beautiful and will be displayed in my living room when I get home.

I am Fall.....card tree, reusable tote bag, and incentive stamp set

This year's Stampin' Up! shirts.

Cafe Latte blouse.. It looks beautiful on the mannequin, but not on me.
I am Sping----reusable tote bag, incentive stamp set (this will be available on the supply list soon to demonstrators), erase board magnets, hammer, tape measure, and kleenex

I am summer.....a booking calendar, floral district pens, Wish List pad, ,reusable tote bag, water bottle, incentive stamp set (will also be available on the supply list to demonstrators after convention).

Close-up of the booking calendar and accessories.

Isn't this water bottle awesome? I will be styling!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing so much from Convention, Carmelita!! I'm loving seeing everything! (Also ... just a reminder that IF they have a coffee cup in memento mall, I'm willing to kill someone for you to get it ... I know great places to bury bodies ... I'm just sayin'). (Of course I'm kidding so please no one read this and send the cops to my house ... i'm only willing to MAME someone to get me a Stampin' Up! coffee cup.) ... Kim