Monday, August 10, 2015

The Family that Stamps Together

I don't think I can say enough how much I love love love Paper Pumpkin. So let me tell you: I. Love. Paper. Pumpkin.

It truly is a form of Christmas that comes once a month in the mail. I love getting that cute little orange box that is my creative escape. The awesomeness of Paper Pumpkin has been discovered by my daughter as well. She gets just as excited as I do and now expects to participate in assembling the kit. It has become a great mother-daughter crafting activity. Apparently too great, because this past month my husband decided that he wanted in on the fun. He joined us as we created our cards and it became a cherished a family time.

As you can see, my husband had to have the included instructions to make his card. He tried to follow them to the dot, but I kept encouraging him to do what he pleased. The instructions are more of guidelines, not rules. Straying from the instructions and the proposed design is what makes your card unique. Of course, there is nothing wrong with following the instructions, but if it stresses you out, maybe you should reconsider your approach to stamping. After attempting to use duct tape for his adhesive, he made this cute card, and then announced he had enough for the night.

My little crafter-in-training needed less help than her daddy. I gave her all the supplies, showed her the finished picture, answered any of her questions, and then let her loose. She has been itching to play with the aqua painter later, so I let her use the aqua painter on her card and subsequent creations.

So easy a five-year-old can do it

Creativity unleashed
You want in on this fun? Make sure to sign up for Paper Pumpkin by the 10th of each month to receive the current month's kit. Sign up here to skip to the fun.

And here's the best part of signing up before September 10th: you get your first two months for 50% off (first-time subscribers only)! Make sure to use the promo code: HALFOFF.

Happy Stampin', 

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