Friday, December 14, 2012

Ladybug Ink Blog Hop: Cards in a Box

Hello! Welcome to my blog and the Ladybug Blog Hop. I hope you have been enjoying the hop, and if you are just beginning your hopping, make sure to check out all the other talented ladies. 

 I love the Christmas season and all the fun projects that go along with it! I wanted to share this box card set that I made. I got the idea from the one and only Mary Fish, and I have used this idea for so many card sets. Although my box and card are Christmas-themed, I have used this idea for birthday card sets, thank you cards sets, etc. I have given them away as door prizes, presents, and silent auction items. Take this idea and make someone you love, or maybe even just like, a set of handmade cards and a matching box for their use.

And while I have your attention, check out what I thought was a good idea that ended up....melting?

So I wanted to make perfect snowflakes on my window this year using that fake snow in a can stuff. I was cutting snowflakes out with the Snow Flurry Bigz die and thought that the paper would make a perfect snowflake stencil. In theory it was a great idea, but for some reason, the snowflakes kind of melted over the day, and now there's just a big blob of snow crap on my window. Maybe it'll work better for you.

There's my ultimate snowflake stencil. I cut out a square in the middle of bigger piece of cardstock (I used the random piece that comes with the Stampin' Up! DSP.
I had a two year old helping me. I need both my hands (and maybe two more). So, I taped my stencil to the door.

Then I sprayed the stencil with the snow-in-a-can.

Wa-la. Almost perfect snowflakes? You can see the little one starting to melt.

 Thanks for visiting my blog. Head on over to Cassie's blog to check out her awesome project.

Happy Stampin',

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