Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stampin Up! Convention 2012: Arrival & Gifts

Ok, so I've already been in SLC for a day, but my roommates arrived this afternoon and brought an even stronger feel for the Stampin' Up Convention. This afternoon, I sent my daughter and husband home on an airplane (I was such a sap about it too), and then picked up three Ladybug Stampers. We took a fun trip to Wal-Mart to stock up on snacks (maybe a little too much), and then exchanged gifts. It's tradition to make gifts for each convention attendee in our group. There's six of us total, but the other two Ladybugs don't arrive until tomorrow. Check out these awesome gifts!

All of our gifts on the bed. A traditional shot.

Bags from Angela.

Surprises from Vickie.

My lanyards. I made these! All by myself. I hope to post more about these lanyards in the future.

The tag on Michele's gift. She always make the greatest tags.

T-shirts from Michele!! She designed the shirt in My Digital Studio. We're wearing these awesome shirts on Thursday. Yay!

So, I was pretty sad when Steve and the Booger left (yes, I even cried), but I'm ready for convention. I've gotten the "we're home" text from Steve. There will be no article on MSNBC tomorrow about a man and his toddler being removed from a Delta flight due to an unruly toddler. :) Knowing they are home safe, I can now be super excited about convention.

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