Sunday, July 15, 2012

Convention 2012 Roadtrip: Day 4

No major traveling today

Daily tractors spotted: 19
Total tractors spotted: 85

The Wasson’s Number One Rule when Traveling with the Booger: Be Flexible
The number two rule: Always expect at least one bad day during the trip

We were reminded of both of these rules today. The first came this morning when Steve asked, “Do you think Thanksgiving Point will be open on a Sunday.”
He had a point. We are in Utah. 

So we looked up the hours, and sure enough, Thanksgiving Point is closed on Sundays, meaning I needed to rework our itinerary. So I changed Thanksgiving Point to tomorrow and decided that we would do Bridal Veil Falls and the Shops at Riverwood. (The Shops at Riverwood are also completely closed on Sundays….thank you Utah). 

We were super excited about Bridal Veil Falls, and stood in awe when we got our first glimpse of the natural beauty. However, the Booger was having none of it today. That little girl was grumpy and uncooperative. She would breakdown over the littlest and most stupidest things (like Steve not giving her the ‘Big Fish Food’ and in reality they were all the same size). The Booger ended up getting a massive time out in the car among other punishment. By the time we got back to the hotel for nap time, Steve and I were at each other’s throats and not wanting to deal with the Booger. Oh, how I longed for the days of babyless vacations……
Then nap time happened, and Steve and I talked, and we got a nice break. God designed babies and toddlers to have nap times to help parents remain sane. I’m convinced of this. 

After naptime, the Booger was the sweetest little angel, and we had an amazing time at the Provo Town Center mall. We rode the carousal (three times!), rode the in-mall choo-choo train, ate tempura ice cream, and played in the indoor toddler playground. It redeemed this morning and reminded us that, even though it’s hard to go on vacation with a toddler, we do make wonderful memories and we do love each other. Plus, we expect at least on bad day on vacations. Today was that day. 

And another positive thing from today! I got to work on swaps! I made five; I still have 30 more to go with two more days until convention.  
Steve and the Booger feeding the fish at Bridal Veil Falls. This picture was taken moments before the Booger had the meltdown of doom.

Steve and the Booger in the mall Choo-Choo train.

The Provo Town Center's choo-choo train. It takes you on a ride through the mall.

The Booger and me on the carousal. I think this was the third time i was riding. See how happy I am?

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