Saturday, July 14, 2012

Convention 2012 Roadtrip: Day 3

Daily Travel: 191 Miles

Total distance traveled: 559

Daily tractors spotted: 37

Total tractors spotted: 66

Today was a loooonnnggg day, but we finally have made it to Provo, Utah, and will no longer be driving hundreds of miles within one day. 

We decided to spend the morning in Moab, Utah. We spent some time playing around the Moab Valley RV park, where we stayed last night. Then we headed into town to walk around and eat lunch, which we ate at the Moab Diner. After lunch, we took a stroll down the creek walkway that passes through town. Unfortunately, we ran into some drunks, and witnessed quite an ordeal between several of them. I wish I could have put cotton balls in the Booger’s ears to drown out all the nasty things she overheard. 

We then headed north to Green River, where we stopped at a park in the middle of town to let the Booger shake some wiggles out before we tried to enforce the in-the-car nap. The Green River does run through that town, and it actually looked green. (I’m from NM, all of our rivers look brown). I wanted to play CCR’s “Green River” as we left town, but the Booger distracted me. 

We made it passed Price, Utah, all the way to a rest area in the middle of the mountains.  It was my fault that we had to stop as I could no longer contain all the water I had for lunch. However, I’m glad that we did stop as I think this was the best rest area I have ever been too. The facilities were in great shape, the bathrooms didn’t stink, it had some great information about the Utah Valley, and it had a model train displayed that kept the Booger entertained for the duration of the stop. 

From the rest area, we finally got onto I-15 and into Provo. Shortly before we reached I-15, the Booger had a major meltdown (the first one of the trip) and then knocked out. Ha!
We will be staying in Provo for two nights, which will be nice because I’m tired of packing up every morning and traveling hundreds of miles. 

On a side note, I have yet to work on any of my swaps and convention is three days away! I need to get busy!

We gave the Booger her own camera (yes, it's real and digital. Thank you Fisher Price). She really enjoyed taking pictures of her daddy and the train at the best rest stop ever.


Angela said...

Will she be making her own scrapbook of the trip?

Carmelita Wasson said...

Probably. Or at least I will be making a scrapbook with some of her pictures. :)