Friday, July 13, 2012

Convention 2012 Road Trip: Day 2

Daily Travel: 190 Miles

Total distance traveled: 369 Miles

Tractors spotted: 29

Once again we started the day late. By now you would think that we just assume that we are going to leave 45 minutes than what we plan.
We left Aztec and spent the morning in beautiful Durango, Colorado. On the way to Durango, which is about a 40 minutes drive from Aztec, the Booger and I started to count all the tractors we saw. I’ve decided that I’m going to keep a count of all the tractors we spot together on this trip. Today we spotted and counted 29 tractors (although, we saw way more than that).
In Durango, we spent some time at the Children’s Discovery Museum. We have a membership to Explora, which also gets us into the Children’s Discovery Museum thanks to the ASTC program. If you have little ones and love museums, I highly recommend getting a membership from an ASTC-affiliated museum. We will be using our membership a lot this trip.
We left Durango later than planned, once again, but it worked out for the best. The Booger napped all the way until Monticello, Utah. This allowed me and my husband to really enjoy the scenery and each other. Sadly, we saw a few areas that seemed to have been victim to a wildfire of some sort. Some of the burn scars came awfully close to people’s houses.
Before we arrived in Moab, we stopped by Wilson Arch. Steve has been talking to the Booger about arches for about a week now, and she stood in amazement at the huge arch off the side of the highway. She even willingly hiked to the top of the arch with us and then enjoyed herself (for the most part) sliding down the side of it as we made our way down.
We’re spending the night in Moab in a cabin without, to our surprise, a bathroom. Tomorrow will be our biggest travel day. Pray that we survive.
Four more days until convention!!

Goofing around at the Durango Childen's Discovery Center

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