Friday, July 18, 2014

Inspire. Create. Share. 2014: Morning of Day 2

I am so exhausted! It has been a very great and overwhelming (in a good way) day.

We began our day just like we always do: in General Session. As always, it did not disappoint. 

Remember how I mentioned yesterday how the Stampin' Up! employee greeting line was missing yesterday? Well, today they were present and I was super excited. I think it was the energy spark that I needed to fully wake up this morning (I had skipped my cup of coffee). This may seem silly, but I really look forward to my high fives from the SU! employees each year.

Ms. Sara Douglass greeted us this morning with a super fun announcement: The Grand Vacation is going to be a Mediterranean Cruise porting in Spain, Italy, and France. Seriously?!?! The video (which we watched twice because it was that good) portrayed a jam-packed, luxuriously exotic cruise. I want to go to there. 

Next, Donna Griffith came out to make me (and probably many other demonstrators) a believer in Blendabilities. Although I'm still a little intimidated by this super fun product, I am more confident in its abilities and am looking forward to playing with them when I get home. 

Donna talked about all the things you can use Blendabilities on. Here's a break down:
  • On Whisper White card stock
  • On colored cardstock
  • On mini muslin bags
  • On embellishments (we also got a word of warning for coloring embellishments - these may damage the tips of you Blendabilities).
  • On Window Sheets
  • On Cellophane Bags
  • On B&W photographs

At this point, I became a believer. 

After Donna, Rich Juntkins took the stage and decided to stamp his presentation. What a great idea. If I still worked for a corporation, I totally would be tempted to try ways to stamp in my presentations. PowerPoint is so overrated. Anyways, Rich even had this amazing shirt to help his creative juices flow.

During Rich's presentation, he quoted Rob Hill, Sr 
Sometimes when you think the storm is coming to rain on your parade
it's actually there to water your garden

I think this is my favorite quote now. 

This post is getting way too long. :-) Probably because the day was jam-packed with inspiration and all-around Stampin' Up! goodness. I'll continue my Day 2 highlights in another post. Till then, here are a few more pictures to highlight my morning.

Woke up early again to do some walking with the roomie. Today we found the Utah State Capitol building and walked around the beautiful grounds.

Hanging out with the roomies before this morning's General Session. 

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