Friday, September 14, 2012

LadyBug Ink Blog Hop: MDS Style

It's Hop time! (I suddenly want to break out in song to "Let's go to the Hop!"). This month, we are focusing on showcasing My Digital Studios (MDS) projects. If you are hopping from Kay's blog, welcome! If you are just joining the adventure, thanks for starting here. You're hopping adventure will take you to six other Ladybug stampers' blogs, where you can marvel at their creativity!

To me, MDS is such a versatile piece of software. I chose to showcase a quick and simple project that Holly Linford showed us at the Stampin' Up! regional in Denver, CO last weekend. This is a simple sour cream treat holder made with regular printer paper printed from my simple at-home printer. I used MDS to create the Halloween looking paper from non-Halloween DSP.

I started with a 11 x 8.5 Landscape canvas in MDS. This is the perfect size because you can prep for four of these treat holders with only one piece of paper. My finished MDS project looked like this.

And then I printed that cutie out. My printer didn't even grumble. Notice the white border around my printer. Most regular printers don't have a bleed option, so you're most likely going to have that border around your printout. Just cut it off.

Next, cut out each rectangle and adhere the sides together so you get a toilet-paper-roll-looking piece of paper. I would recommend using sticky strip to do this (I didn't while prepping for this post because I'm out of sticky strip!

Place adhesive at the bottom of the tubes and pinch it shut. See the sour cream shape starting to form?

Now time to fill with treats! I recommend chocolate!

Finally, adhere the top of the treat and pinch it in the opposite direction of the bottom. And that's it! Four sour cream treat holders from one piece of paper.

Thanks for reading! Now hop on over to Cassie's blog to check out what she has.


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Katie said...

Too, too clever Carmelita! I love this one. I think by golly I am going to add this to my list of projects. I need to figure out how to create 4 to a page. :)

Katie said...

HI I love your project for the blog hop. Too cute for words. Think I will have to give this a try!

Katie said...

Too cute for words. Love this idea and so much fun!