Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crafting with a Toddler: Father's Day Cards

Now that the Booger is a little bit older, I can "successfully" papercraft with her. I love it, and so does she. She loves to paint, fingerpaint, and even stamp. I have to hide my stamps from her sometimes. Luckily, right now she is at a phase where she is content tapping a stamp on a closed stamp pad. My days are limited though. She's going to realize soon that there is no ink coming from a closed stamp pad.

These past few days we have been working on Father Days cards. Why make four cards when the Booger only has one daddy? Well, she has three grandpas too and we want to send them some love as well. The above picture features her creations. She painted on construction paper and then we put some Father Day themed foam stickers. When we were done, she was so proud of her cards that she wanted to give it to her daddy right then and there. She doesn't have the concept of wait down very well yet.  

The whole crafting with a toddler process is interesting. It's almost like trying to juggle, but we're getting it down. It's hard to realize that in order to encourage her creativity, I have to just let her do things for herself, and she wants it this way too. If you have a toddler, do you craft with him or her? If so, what is your experience?

Happy Stampin'!

The Booger proudly showing off one of her Father's Day cards.
She realized that she liked the star foam stickers and started to pick them off the cards and stick them on her shirt.
Decorating herself with star foam stickers. She also decorated my face.

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