Saturday, January 22, 2011

Look who is Turning One!

My daughter is turning one in three weeks!! Aagghhh!
AND I haven't gotten her birthday invitations/announcement sent out (bad mommy).

So tonight, after Sybella went to sleep, I sat down with my husband, "watched" a movie, and created this invitation using My Digital Studio. I was so happy and impressed with myself and the invitation. I ordered a crap load of these babies, and hopefully they will all be sent out by the end of this upcoming week. I couldn't wait to share it with you, so here I am blogging instead of going to bed.

Positioning the pictures wasn't as painful as I originally thought it would be, especially if you turn on the guides. I also like how you can add a border around the pictures, like I did with the main picture. They call it a "Mat" in MDS. I originally thought that I was going to purchase a few downloads to create the invitation, but everything I used for this project comes with the MDS software, so I didn't have to purchase anything. It worked out great. Have I told you lately that I love MDS?

Ok. Off to bed. I have to rest up for the football games tomorrow.

Happy Digital Crafting!
PS - Don't I have cute baby? :-p

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