Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Joys of Butterflies

Recently, I mentioned that Sybella's nursery theme is monkeys and butterflies, which is great because Stampin' Up! Decor Elements have both of these. There was a perfect place right above Sybella's changing table that was perfect for the Flutter Decor Element in Rose Red. It was a lot of fun putting the Decor Elements on the wall, and once all the little butterflies were up, I thought it was a perfect fit for the room. One thing I did not expect was that Sybella would be fascinated by the butterflies. There are times when she is laying on the changing table and will stare at the bright butterflies. Sometimes she will even reach out to them.

Here was the work in progress. Honestly, it took me several weeks to get all the butterflies up, but it really shouldn't take you as long (unless you have a newborn, then maybe it will take you several weeks). I'm not exactly sure how other people put these up, but I taped the butterflies up in the positions I wanted them before I applied the Decor Elements to the wall.

Here is a close-up of the butterflies on the wall. I love how Rose Red looks with the green color on the wall. (I can't remember what the actual color of the paint was, but it reminds me of Certainly Celery :) )

And here's the diaper changing area in action. Bella Bug just got her diaper changed and is admiring the butterflies. She's such a cutie. :)

I'm looking forward to purchasing more Decor Elements and placing them around our house. Hopefully now that Bella Bug is 6 months old it won't take me weeks to put up.


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