Monday, February 09, 2015

Crafting in Chaos

My daughter and I are slowly resuming our regularly scheduled craft time, although I'm thinking that I may be jumping the gun a little bit since the craft room is not completely in order. The booger does not care, she is just happy to see her craft stuff unpacked and ready to use. So am I. So am I.

For the most part, the craft room is in crafting state. I have found my ink pads, my stamp sets, and my paper. What else do I really need to stamp? Ok, my Silhouette and Big Shot are also in their new homes. And I have found all the other exciting stamping tools and embellishments and have put them in their new homes. Basically, all my essential stamping tools are in their place, and after one crafting session with my daughter, our craft room is in a nice state of chaos. Just like "home". 

I have to admit that craft room organization is a little frustrating. I have some great craft supply organizers, such as my ink pad/marker/ribbon organizer (which by the way, I haven't found my ribbon....). But then there are some items that just don't work in our new house, such as my DVD racks from IKEA that held all my stamp sets. We are renting our house and can't drill holes into the walls, so I can't secure the DVD racks. I'm at a loss as to what to do as I loved these racks. You have any ideas?
My favorite craft organizer. 

My poor stamps. I do not like their home right now. 

Overall, the fact that crafting has resumed in our house is a sign that life is settling down. We are settling into our new place, and I am settling into our new town. I even think I figured out which way is east and which way is west...kinda. 

Here's my question to you. What is your favorite craft supply organizer? Where did you get it? How do you use it? I would love to see and hear your organizing stories. 

Happy Stampin' 

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